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Fall 2016

It has been a long and very hot summer this year!  I for one am happy that fall is just around the corner. The Parisian café Saturdays have been quite successful and our delicious French pastries are a big hit.  Among the pastry lineup we’ve got chocolate éclairs and yes, they’re unbelievably good.  Rhonda is headed to Paris for more inspiration on the culture and foods of Parisian life.  We are excited for when she returns with her new menu ideas.

Believe it or not Thanksgiving is  just 1 month away.

Here’s what we have on offer for this year’s Thanksgiving menu:

  • 10” Pumpkin Pies, $18

  • 10” Apple Pies, $18

  • 10” Premium Pecan Pies, $21

  • 7” Spiced Pumpkin Cake $25

  • Assorted Squares (in store pick up only)


We have started using the Vicinity rewards program here at the bakery. Sign up the next time you’re in, spend some money, accumulate points, and get free stuff.  Who doesn’t like free stuff? It couldn’t be simpler.

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  In yoga they say Namaste, Here at the bakery we say Happy Eating













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